DPD Claims to Be Carbon Neutral

Parcel carrier DPD says it is to become the first in its industry to offer free carbon neutral shipping to its clients, who include UK ecommerce retailers.

From July 2012 DPD says it will become the first express parcel carrier to provide its customers with free carbon neutral shipping. It is launching a Total Zero commitment to the effect that customers will be able to send carbon-neutral parcels of all weights, sizes and types all over the world, at no extra cost to them.

The Total Zero principle, which will apply in DPD’s five biggest markets, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, will be achieved through a three-step process.

“To be carbon neutral means firstly to count emissions, then to reduce them and finally to offset the remaining emissions that can’t be avoided. Over the last few years we have built-up a detailed understanding of the amount of carbon generated by our operations and sought practical ways to reduce it.

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