What Are Your Bad Driving Habits?

Bad drivers come in every shape, size, age and gender. There are always those stereotypical terrible drivers that you do not like to see on the road. Although you complain about their driving, how well do you know your own driving?

Take a look at the 10 worst driving habits and see if you are a good driver or not, or if others are worse than you thought.

10) Straddling the Line

Other drivers can’t figure out what you’re trying to do, and are hesitant to pass you because they aren’t sure if you’ll be moving left or right. Also, if you’re paying so little attention that you’re driving along straddling lane lines, other drivers will have less confidence that you’ll notice and avoid hitting them.

9) Not Handling Intersections Correctly

You pull up to a four-way stop at almost the same time as another car that’s perpendicular to you. They got there a couple seconds before you, but they wave you through in order to be nice. If it’s just you and the other car, there isn’t a problem. But if there’s a lot of other traffic, not following the rules of the road can confuse and frustrate other drivers — and possibly cause an accident.

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